39 Rosedale Street Dorchester MA 02124 for sale

39 Rosedale Street Dorchester MA 02124 for sale.  Last Open house is WED. June 9th from 5-6PM. CALL ME if you are serious and are not an imposter. 781-201-9488. Jeffrey Bowen Realtor Success Real Estate.

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  1. 39 Rosedale Street is Under Agreement. A Contractor bought and is going to restore it to it’s former beauty and resell it. Hopefully to someone who will want a prize home in pefect condition. I can’t wait to see it when it is done and hopefully I can find that lucky family who wants to buy it! I had over 50 people in to take a look at it and there were multiple offers. The winning bid was chosen because of it’s terms and conditions rather than the price and the fact that there is a much higher chance of this home closing then any of the other offers. Thanks to all who came and looked at it and thanks for all of the offers.


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