I successfully rented another Spencer Loft today, however there are 3 more lofts for rent and 5 for sale.

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Well this loft is under agreement and I am excited to have new neighbors moving to Spencer Lofts. Tom and Meredith are psyched and they can’t believe that they could find a loft as nice as this so close to Boston for such a great price. The owner Grant was also a happy camper when I was able to negotiate the whole lease up front in cash! I had several offers for rent and you know the proverbial saying. “Money talks and bullshit walks’ or like Tom Cruise said in “Jerry Maguire”. “Show me the money.” This is my sixth loft rented here at Spencer Lofts in the past 12 months. Please call me if you are interested to rent or purchase a Spencer Loft or any Boston Loft. Jeffrey Bowen 781-201-9488 and jeff.bowen@jeffreybowen.com Prices range from $1,300 -$1,800 for rent and from $190,000 -$330,000. Very affordable for any loft in the Boston area.

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